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a nice pleasant version Stereo Love

Have you ever heard Stereo Love as an Accordion Cover by Slovenian band Feel Harmonika? This is a mix of famous house music hits of past decade. There are songs like Danza kuduro, L’amour Tojours, Every time we touch, Barbara Streisand … and much more. They have combined Austrian-Slovenian Folk style and modern electronic music.
“Stereo Love” is a 2009 song recorded by the Romanian musician Edward Maya with the Moldavian-Romanian musician Vika Jigulina, released as their debut single in late 2009 from Maya’s album The Stereo Love Show. The refrain is from “Bayatilar”, composed by Azerbaijani musician Eldar Mansurov. It became a worldwide hit in nightclubs and rose to the top of French, Dutch, Turkish, Finnish, UK, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Irish singles charts.

“Stereo Love” is set in common time with a moderate tempo of 125 beats per minute. It is set in the key of C# minor with a simple chord progression of C#m-A-E-G#m.

Lyrically the song speaks of a passionate love between two people that is now dying, and their struggle to rekindle that flame.

The song and the music video were both included on the compilation NRJ Music Awards 2010.[3] The music video was filmed in Greece, as Edward Maya stated in an interview that Greece “was a place that I fell in love with”.[4] In 2011, the song was awarded as top dance song at the Billboard Music Awards.[5]
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Stereo Love

Stereo Love as an Accordion Cover by Slovenian

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fully retracting oven door B47CR32N0B Neff Oven

CKD Appliances recently announced the addition of the Neff B47CR32N0B Slide and Hide oven in their range of products. CKD Appliances are a Neff Master Partner of more than 8 years and already stock a wide range of Neff products, but they seem to think the B47CR32N0B is worth making some noise over.

The Neff B47CR32N0B Slide and Hide oven is – in their opinion – one of Neff’s best appliances. Also known as the Neff B47CR32 Slide and Hide oven, this energy efficient oven is both modern and affordable.

CKD state that they are happy to offer this fantastic appliance at what theyhope is one of the most affordable prices online.

Naturally, other vendors may change their prices continually and run low-price promotions, but if you’re searching for the cheapest B47CR32N0B Neff Oven, CKDare actively encouraging shoppers to get in touch with them and let them know if they see this slide and hide oven at a cheaper price elsewhere, affirming that they willtry to beat the price of any genuine quote in the UK for the same appliance.

Boasting an impressive array of features, the B47CR32N0B Neff Oven is a real eye opener.

Some of the main features include:

2.5″ TFT colour display with ShiftControl
CircoTherm® Eco
Interior halogen light
Slide&Hide door, SoftClose
Temperature proposal
Actual temperature display
Heating up indicator
Sabbath setting
Oven with 12 heating methods:
CircoTherm®, CircoTherm® Eco, Top/bottom heat, Conventional heat eco, Hot air grilling, Full surface grill, Centre surface grill, CircoTherm® intensive , Bread baking, Bottom heat, Low temperature cooking, Dough proving
Permanent control panel lock
Automatic safety switch off
Residual heat indicator
Start button
Door contact switch


UK appliance

CKD Appliances

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save money rx safety glasses coupon code

Ordering prescription safety glasses with a promo or coupon code in Charlotte, NC.
They have great optics with wrap around side shields for non-obstructed peripheral vision. A 24 hour rush delivery…If you place an order before 3pm EST (12pm PST) then you can get your glasses within 24 hours. They exceed ANSI Z87.1 and FDA Safety Certification and have shatterproof-high performance polycarbonate lenses.

Did you know?

A Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) survey of workers who suffered eye injuries revealed that nearly three out of five were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident. These workers most often reported that they believed protection was not required for the situation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires the use of eye and face protection whenever there is a reasonable probability of injury that could be prevented by such equipment. Personal protective eyewear, such as goggles, face shields, safety glasses, or full face respirators must be used when an eye hazard exists. The eye protection chosen for specific work situations depends upon the type of hazard, the circumstances of exposure, other protective equipment used, and individual vision needs.


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Seattle Comprehensive Dentist Doctor Pavlovich

Doctor Pavlovich is the best choice for a dentist in West Seattle. He uses utilize cutting-edge technology to make your experience as comfortable as possible. He provides a wide range of dental services including general dentistry, same-day crowns and implants. He also provides emergency services 24/7.
If you are looking for a dentist with the latest technology, look no further than Matt Pavlovich and his team. They can provide the most advanced dental services available as quickly as possible. All of this is available just north of the Junction!

Dramatic advances in implant dentistry have made it easier than ever for dentists to create a perfect smile for you.

Finding The Right Dentist

It’s important that you and your family members feel comfortable with your dentist, since you’re more likely to keep your appointments and follow oral care advice from a dentist you like and respect.
A Thing To Keep In Mind

When you’re looking to find the right dentist, keep in mind dental care is very personal. So your neighbor’s or colleague’s dentist might not be the dentist for you.
Things To Consider

Here are a few things worth considering as you search for a dentist in West Seattle, WA:
Convenience. Is the dentist’s office located in West Seattle? Do the office hours accommodate your schedule?
Insurance. Does the dentist take your dental insurance? Can you get information about payment plans and costs before procedures are scheduled?
Attitude. Is the office friendly and welcoming? Does the dentist explain procedures and treatments in a way that you can understand?
Emergencies. Is there a plan in place for emergency dental care outside of normal office hours?
Professionalism. A dentist who is a member of the American Dental Association has graduated from an accredited dental school in the United States and committed to uphold high standards of ethics.
What You Must Know

A dentist may have a degree that says DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) or DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). They mean the same thing-different schools use different terminology. These degrees apply to general dentists. A specialized dentist will have an additional certification in an area such as oral surgery or pediatric dentistry.

We hope this information was helpful to you today, and we hope you will take a moment to comment below if you have used this Dentist or another dentist in West Seattle.

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Seattle Comprehensive Dentist Doctor Pavlovich

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Family Law Firm Palm Coast gets noticed

Professional Lawyers in Daytona Beach Take Care of You and Your Legal Needs
Mara Law P.A. serves clients in a wide range of practice areas. Across every area, their commitment to providing personal attention to its clients remains consistent. They answer their phones quickly and answer all questions thoroughly.

Trustworthy assistance in family law cases from the Family Law Firm Mara Law ,P.A., a professional law firm in the Daytona Beach Area.
The team puts great emphasis on caring for each family, they provide dedicated service for family law cases of multiple types. They guide prospective parents through the difficult adoption process, and protect domestic violence victims against their abusers by using temporary protection orders.
Representation for a variety of divorce law cases through family law attorney Mara Law P.A. in Ormond Beach, Florida
Divorce puts a harsh strain on families for children and parents. The Daytona Beach lawyer represents parties in divorce cases to ensure the best results for the clients’ children and to protect the clients’ rights as a parent.
Relief from potential foreclosure and lender harassment
When mortgage debt becomes too much to handle, many people face the very real possibility of foreclosure. However, this doesn’t have to be the only option. Mara Law firm works with the client to negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sales or mortgage modification.

Security for the future of the client’s family
To ensure a secure future for any family after the client’s passing, it is imperative to work with an estate planning attorney to draft wills and trusts, establish a power of attorney and help the loved ones to avoid the lengthy and costly probate process.

Legal aid for business owners in need of assistance
To be able to properly focus on other important areas of a company, a business owner needs the help of a reliable attorney to handle all of their business legal matters. We help draft various business contracts and get a business up and running.

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family focused pie face game

Are you looking to buy the number one toy for kids – Pie Face?
Pieface is fast becoming the game everybody loves to play because it truly

brings the meaning of suspense back into play.
Every body will take a turn to spin the counter. When the counter lands on a

number, that is the amount of turns that you must apply to the game.
The game is set to spring into life intermittently without warning, sending a

cream pie right in the face of the unsuspecting player!
The end result is an hilarious battle of nerves.
Whenever I play Pie Face, the room always descends into fits of laughter

because the results are so funny.
This board game has shot to the top of the charts in kids toys and games for

good reason. – it is good old fashioned fun.

The pie face board game is a simple to play game that enables the whole family

to play together.
after piling on the cream, each player taes it in turn to slide their head

through the hole.
But be careful – Pie Face will send a handful of whipped cream straight into

your face!!
Good fun and entertaining. This game is suitable for everyone aged 5 and

upwards, and needs no special skills to take part

Pie face went viral on facebook and youtube and since then the game has been

out of stock in many outlets,
You can use a wet sponge instead of cream if you so desire and the result is

just as much fun, if not as messy.
The box contains everything you need –


Squirty cream is sold seperately

Make sure you buy Pie Face and have a great game with the family

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Buy Pie Face Game 

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Top defense attorneys in California

Have you gotten in trouble with the law? This could be the fight of your life! So get the best criminal defense lawyers in Antelope Valley fighting for you. Their team is composed of the top defense attorneys in Palmdale & Lancaster. They want you to enjoy your family and future.
Don’t risk that. Call now. 661-206-2161.

When choosing someone to defend your case, it’s crucial to hire an attorney who is experienced and specializes in criminal law as opposed to civil law. Civil law attorneys typically handle legal issues such as auto accidents or estate planning, while criminal law attorneys focus on defending clients against criminal charges. Criminal lawyers are there to protect your rights and defent you!

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Does Hyponosis to quit smoking work? St Louis

Are you a smoker who looking for a smoking cessation program that
actually works?Go to, take a survey and watch the video –
best tips for quitting smoking for good.

Do you wonder if there is an easy and painless way to quit? It’s absolutely
true that hypnosis is proven to be the most effective way to quit smoking.
Best of all with hypnosis you can stop smoking fast with reduced or no
cravings. Go to, take a survey and watch the video – best
tips for quitting smoking for good.

Maybe you have tried before to quit and you are wonder what is the secret to
quitting for good and you liked to know the best way how to stop smoking. The
way to quit smoking fast and easy is by using hypnosis. Hypnosis is
clinically proven to be the most effective method to quit smoking and by far
it is the easiest way to stop smoking for good.

I know that when I quit I was concerned it was going to be hard and that I
just wouldn’t be able to do it. Hypnosis made quitting smoking a snap.
University research has shown that hypnosis is 3 times more effective than
nicotine gums, patches and prescription drugs such as Chantix and without all
the bad side effects.

I can’t believe I waited so long to quit. If you are a smoker who is looking
for a good smoking cessation program in the St. Louis area go to

Remember it is not your fault if you tried to quit smoking before but just
couldn’t do it. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs there is and
being free of it can be challenging with stop smoking aids and prescription
drugs. However, quitting smoking can be easy and painless with hypnosis.

You can be an ex-smoker. You can be free of nicotine and get your life back.
The best smoking cessation program is no longer a mystery. If you are ready
to be free of cigarettes and you want to know the easy way to quit smoking go
to, watch the video and discover the best

tips for quitting
smoking for good.

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Difficult financial situations Debt Settlement

Difficult financial situations Debt Settlement. At 17 years old, Shadi Halavi began her path to become a lawyer. She ignited her passion during her undergraduate career at Pearson Berkely and continued on to

graduate from Loyola Law School. Originally, she had a desire to go into non-profit law in order to help those that were unfortunate, but, after Halavi passed the bar

in in 2010, she joined a tax firm.

With little experience with finance cases, the firm gave her some background on what to do, along with some cases. Quickly, she fell in love with what she was doing.

For Halavi, the feeling she had when she was able to take a huge weight off of someone’s shoulders is indescribable.

Halavi eventually began resolving bankruptcy cases. Doing these cases, she felt like she was giving someone a fresh start. Despite her original plan to go into non-

profit law, she learned that there was so much more she could do doing debt settlements and financial resolutions. Now, as an established Debt Settlement Attorney,

Halavi prides herself on being able to help people get out of difficult financial situations.

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Singapore four hands massage watch now

Our qualified masseuses, will give a superb Tantric Four hands Surround massage in Singapore, this session is especially good for the adventurous at heart, or a travelling man, who may be in need of extra massage and pampering. The benefits are many because the extra pair of hands will help to rub away more mind body and physical tensions in the body that have been lingering for days. Too much stress in the body can also lead to headaches and aching shoulders

Overall health advantages that Massage Therapy can offer:
Improve posture and stimulate the body’s own healing ability.
Help relieve stress and aid in relaxation so the body can rejuvenate.
Increase energy and counteract fatigue
Improve flexibility and range of motion
Increase endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine levels
Reduces cortisol levels; can be cardio-protective
Release muscle adhesion
Increase speed of recovery from injury or exercise
Reduce post-operative pain and improve recovery time
Foster cellular nutrient delivery and waste removal
Increases efficiency of the immune system
Alleviate pain and discomfort
Reduces inflammation
Helps alleviate headaches and migraines
Helps relieve sinus pressure
Improves muscle elasticity and tone
Improves blood and lymph circulations
Increases detoxification of the body
Promotes deeper and easier breathing
Promotes opportunity for relaxation and restful sleep
Improve quality of life
Mental & Emotional Benefits
Calms the nervous system
Promote a relaxed state of mental alertness
Enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity
Fosters a general sense well-being and peace of mind
Reduces levels of anxiety
Aids in alleviating depression
Fosters greater awareness of mind-body connection

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